When I first graduated from UC San Diego, I was able to land a job -- but the pay was trash.

Over the next few years, I applied to nearly 200 companies and didn't get a single phone interview!

I realized I needed to switch things up, so I started learning everything I could about becoming the most appealing job candidate possible and getting hired by a great company.

I went to Notre Dame to get my MBA, and became fascinated with their approach, which mostly relied on tapping into one’s alumni network.

Although this was great, I wanted to build an approach that could be used with or without an alumni network.

As a result, I've spent the past decade reading all the books, working with my own career coaches, experimenting with my own strategies, and conducting countless informational interviews with hiring managers and recruiters.

By doing this, I have established my own creative methods to get my resumé noticed, stand out during interviews, and negotiate a higher salary.

I've also fallen on my face and been told 'no' too many times to count.

But each time, I picked myself up, reflected on what went wrong, and improved my skills for the next time around.

Eventually, and after lots of trial and error and real-life experience, I was able to consistently land interviews at my target companies. 

I got final round interviews at 20+ Fortune 100 companies.

And more importantly, I received job offers from Amazon, HP, Jeep, Oracle, Gartner, Cornell University, and several SaaS startups.

I was also promoted twice at HP before making a move over to Amazon. Once I was at Amazon, I was offered a Senior Marketing Manager position in just 6 months.

I've been offered roles as a Program Manager, a Recruiter, and an Account Executive, despite having zero work experience in these areas.

However, my favorite job function to date has been working as a Career Coach, and creating simple, repeatable processes that helps others get hired too.

When I work with clients, we focus only on the key areas needed to quickly and easily land a new job they're stoked about.

We cover resumés, networking and referral strategy, LinkedIn optimization, elevator pitches, interview prep, mock-interviews, and negotiation.

Everything we do is designed to achieve the following 2 results:

1. Get more interviews

2. Crush every interview

If you can do these 2 things, you're golden.

By focusing on these areas together and streamlining their job search process, I've helped 400+ clients land roles at companies including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Meta, HP, Salesforce, Uber, Disney, UCLA, Deloitte and more.

My average client's total compensation has increased by over $50K/year after working together.

More importantly, every single one of my clients has been super excited about their new career venture.

And that's why they call me The Interview Beast. 

Ready to be my next success story?

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